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Airoldi Metalli s.p.a. your metal service partner forever

Airoldi Metalli was founded in 1836 as a brass foundry.

Over the years the business changed and is now specialised in the distribution and processing of non-ferrous metals, mainly aluminium and its alloys.

Airoldi Metalli, thanks to continuous investments in resources and equipment, is now a solid but always changing reality, in line with the market’s evolution.


Airoldi Metalli started off as a small shop in the centre of Lecco. It now occupies an area of 50.000 sqm, 20.000 of which have been developed into warehouses and offices. There are three separate locations; the headquarters where the goods are also received and shipped from, one warehouse used for excess and large stock the other one for cutting, milling and finishing.

Airoldi Metalli’s core business is focused on the distribution of aluminium. It offers extruded, drawn, casted and turned bars, cold laminated tubes, hot laminated plates and casted slabs. Airoldi Metalli offers a wide stock range of aluminium products in many alloys and sizes.

Airoldi Metalli is recognised by the market for its attention to clients, availability, technical level of the staff and strict compliance to the agreements with both suppliers and clients.

Over the past 15 years, Airoldi Metalli’s market penetration has increased, transforming it from a small local distributor into one of the main national players. It now has the strength to move to the international market, hence its participation to all main national and international trade fairs.

Airoldi Metalli has been, and is, able to grow also thanks to the desire of all the staff to learn and improve. The suppliers are considered real partners and are selected based on their strength and knowledge and all the staff visit them regularly gaining an in-depth cultural and technical knowledge of the products sold. This approach has led Airoldi Metalli’s team to become both suppliers and consultants to their clients.

Airoldi Metalli also stocks many different sized bars in other non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel.

Airoldi Metalli also has many machineries, to wheel cut bars and plates (+/- 0,3 mm tollerance), to bandsaw cut plates (+/-3 mm) and bars up to Ø800 mm, to apply heat treatments, to automatically apply pvc finishing to sheets, to circularly cut plates. It is also developing a milling line for the production for the milled plates.

Since 1836 Airoldi Metalli’s main characteristics have been: speed, reliability and professionalism.


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