Flat bars

Flat bars

Flat bars from 10x2 to 300x20 mm

Aluminium 2011 - 11S

  • Aluminium-Copper
  • from 30x20 to 200x60 mm

Big range of  EXTRUDED and DRAWN bars


Ideal alloy for automatic lathe it doesn’t wear the tolls, high mechanical strenghtness and excellent machinability.

It can be decorative anodized.



Download Aluminium 2011 – 11S data sheets

Aluminium 2017

  • Aluminium-Copper
  • From 180x70 to 360x65 mm

This alloy is used in high mechanical characteristics applications.

It is used for hot forging.


Download Aluminium 2017  data sheets

Aluminium 6060 Anticorodal

  • Aluminium-magnesium-silicium alloy
  • From 10x2 to 150x8

It is principally used in building, transportation and furniture where high mechanical characteristics are not requested.

Excellent for any kind of anodizing.



Download data Aluminium 6060 Anticorodal sheets

Aluminium 6082 Anticorodal

  • Aluminium-magnesium-silicium alloy
  • From 15x10 to 300x20 mm

It is principally used in space-frame and sub-frame automotive, naval constuction, hot forged components.

Medium-high mechanical characteristics, good corrosion strenght.

Good for decorative anodizing.



Download  Aluminium 6082 Anticorodal data sheets

Aluminium 7020

  • Aluminium-zinc alloy
  • From 40x30 to 200x100 mm

It is used for for automotive, oleodinamic, and high stressed structures components constructions.

High mechanical characteristics.



Download Aluminium 7020 data sheets