Square bars

Square bars

Bars from 6x6 to 300x300 mm

Aluminium 2011 - 11S

  • Aluminium - Copper
  • from 8x8 to 300x300 mm


Ideal alloy for automatic lathe it doesn’t wear the tolls, high mechanical strenghtness and excellent machinability.

It can be decorative anodized.



Download Aluminium 2011 – 11S technical sheets



Aluminium 6026

  • Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon-Bismuth
  • From 10x10 to 160x160 mm

Excellent machinability and mechanical strenghtness.

It has application in automotive, electrician and electronic sector.

It can be decorative anodized.

6026 is a new alloy: it was inserted in the international register of aluminium productors (Alluminium Association) the 25.06.2004. It is an environment-friendly.


Download Aluminium 6026 technical sheets

Aluminium 6060/6082

  • Aluminium - magnesium - silicon
  • From 8x8 a 300x300 mm

It is principally used in space-frame and sub-frame automotive, naval constuction, hot forged components.

Medium-high mechanical characteristics, good corrosion strenght.

Good for decorative anodizing.



Download Aluminium 6060/6082  technical sheets

Alluminio 7020

  • Aluminium-Zync
  • from 40x40 a 200x200 mm

It is used for for automotive, oleodinamic, and high stressed structures components constructions.

High mechanical characteristics.



Download Alluminio 7020 technical sheets