Tread plates 5 bar

Tread plates 5 bar

From th. 2/3,5 to th. 5/6,5 mm.

Aluminium 1050 - 99,5

  • Alluminio 99,5%
  • From 1000x2000x2/3,5 to 2000x6000x3/4,5

Low mechanical resistance alloy.

Typical applications are in chemical industry, food, HVAC, packaging machinery, electrical conductors.


Download data sheets of 5-bar plates in alloy 1050

Aluminium 5754

  • Aluminium-Magnesium
  • From 1000x2000x2/3,5 to 2000x6000x3/4,5 mm

Typical rolled alloy with medium-high mechanical characteristics

It is principally used in car bodywork, welded structures for chemical industry, food and nuclear industry.

Due to its high seaweather corrosion resistance, is perfect for marine industry.

Alloy for laser cutting.


Download data sheets of 5-bar plates in alloy 5057